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central lobby

The center of everything.

Located next to the Business Center, the Central Lobby is easy to access on your way to any session in the Conference Area.  Everything, from the snacks to the view to the nearby Philanthropy table, makes the Central Lobby a great oasis from a hard day’s work. 

premium refreshments

This newly reimagined space is a popular break hub, thanks to unique offerings found nowhere else on the property!  House-made blueberry almond bites and build-your-own trail mix (including dried fruits, pistachios, and pumpkin seeds) are just a sampling of the healthy morsels served here.

Blueberry Muffins

not your average beverage

The surefire hits of the Central Lobby are the Necta Krea beverage machines, capable of brewing over 15 hot drinks with the touch of a button. Highlights of this decadent lineup include espresso, cappuccino, café mocha, and french vanilla lattes, alongside a barista station with flavored syrups and 8 varieties of Tazo tea.  

We’ve also got you covered if you have a taste for something cold. The lobby fridge keeps well stocked with an assortment of sparkling waters, energizing juice shots, kombucha, and, of course, cold brew coffee.  

philanthropy table

Giving back and supporting our local community are values central to us at Q Center, and the Philanthropy Table offers a great opportunity for everyone to lend a hand. Here you’ll come across a variety of rotating activities that can be done in just a couple of minutes, a perfect past time during meeting breaks. They’re a great way to have fun and make a huge difference!

Philanthropy Table

Create get-well soon cards for children at a nearby hospital.

Dog Waving Paw

Make dog toys for the community humane society.

Toy Block

Create sensory toys for children at a local special-needs school. 

Want to know more about how Q Center gives back?

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