Q Center's new composting partnernship

Q Center is committed to being “green” and protecting the environment. That’s exactly why we decided to start composting at the beginning of 2013. We’ve been good to the Earth and we’ve learned a lot about the benefits of composting over the last year and a half. Well… hard works pays off. Not only do we have beautiful gardens, but earlier this spring the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition recognized our composting efforts by asking us to be a founding partner of their new initiative – We Compost. This program recognizes businesses that participate in commercial composting in hopes of inspiring others to start composting too. Zac Brown, a Loyola University student involved in the program, sought Q Center out for this partnership. He thinks our work will inspire people on and around our property to think more about waste reduction and composting within their own companies. Q Center is thrilled with the success of our composting efforts over the last year and a half, and being recognized for it with this partnership is the icing on the cake!

Composting is easy

Composting may sound like a bit of a hassle at first, but it’s not a difficult thing to do. Nature takes care of the hard stuff. Composting is merely nature’s way of recycling. Grass clippings, banana peels, wood chips, leaves, coffee grounds, egg shells, nut shells, receipts, and paper towels are just a sampling of the many items that can be composted. You probably have some of these items in your garbage right now. Don’t toss these in the can – compost them instead! After a few months of decomposition, you can add these materials to your garden to enhance nutrient levels and prevent plant diseases. According to Brian Holt, Q Center’s Facility Director, “Q Center composts pre-consumer food trimmings and post-consumer food scraps in our on-site compost. Once the compost is ready, we use it to fertilize our herb and vegetable garden. We have had great results so far.” Trust us, you’ll be happy with the outcome when you start composting, too!      

We Compost

The We Compost program began in April 2014. Over 80 organizations including restaurants, schools, dentists, and distilleries have signed up to participate. Q Center is thrilled to be included in this great initiative, and hopes to inspire other businesses to “go green” and begin composting waste. For more information on the program, visit the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition’s website.

We would recommend Q Center for companies looking for a unique solution for conducting off-site training programs.

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