Corporate culture secrets of five companies employees love

Over the past forty years, we’ve learned many lessons while helping organizations run effective meetings.  One of the most important lessons is that all organizations – no matter their mission or size – are influenced by one thing: culture. 

The focus on organizational culture has become more mainstream as of late, and for good reason. The problem is that most people assume that their organization is too small or too lean to have the kind of culture that we read about in business magazines.

We think about how we can build culture every day. And, from our experience, we can tell you that your organization doesn’t have to be the biggest or have the most resources to create the kind of culture that produces happy people and a positive ROI. 

Just ask our Director of Sales & Marketing, Armon Haagen: “While a meeting at Q Center may last only a day or two, we try to help companies achieve a lasting, long-term improvement in output, enthusiasm, and even individual happiness.”

In order to better understand the art and science of developing a culture that works, we interviewed executives from five companies that people love working for: Google,,, National Instruments and SAS.

We used their insights to put together a simple white paper with action items your organization can put into place. Click the image below to download it. 

If you’re as passionate about the power of organizational culture as we are, then we know you’ll like what you read.  And if there are others you know who have been wondering what it’s really like to work at a company that is a leader in employee innovation, please share. 




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