5 Signs that it’s Time for a New Training Venue

Ever take the same route to work so long that you don’t even think about a better way to get there? Sure it may be familiar, but you may not notice the drive getting one iota slower every day. 


The same thing can happen with your company’s good ol’training venue. Booking an event is difficult, so the familiar choice may seem like a time saver. But while you’ve been going to Company A, Companies B through Z have been figuring out ways to make your experience better.

Here are a few signs that it might be time to reevaluate:

  1. Your attendees are distracted by a 4-year-old running to the pool. A lot of “conference centers” are also hotels or vacation destinations. They should be able to keep the pool crowd away from the professional crowd.
  2. They outsource the tech. The tech person or people running around your meeting have a hard job – even harder if they don’t even work for the venue. Elaborate systems require elaborate knowledge. If the tech team showed up a couple hours before you, tech road bumps could easily become traffic jams.
  3. It’s a banquet/conference hall. Last week, the perfect wedding. This week, an imperfect meeting. From uncomfortable seats to an unprepared staff, a meeting space that caters to everybody pleases nobody.
  4. PCs, not Mac. Today’s presenters have a variety of computers. If they can’t get the proper adapter, the whole presentation is shot.
  5. You’ve never met your Conference Services Manager. You may spend months going over details with one person only to find their subordinate running the show when you arrive. Sacrificing hands-on service often sacrifices a lot.




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