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In an increasingly global environment, meeting planning has taken on an extra level of complexity. This is particularly true for off-site events. More than ever, meeting planners need to make sure that they are asking the right questions when hiring a corporate event production team. From the latest technology to scenic designs to translation challenges, meeting planners should confirm that the event production team they hire is ready and equipped for a global event.

It’s important that the off-site event production team:

  • Asks questions about your organization and proactively anticipates your goals. The event production team must become familiar with your company and its culture in order to provide you with a customized experience. They need to know whom they are working with in order to create ideas for the event based on your company’s needs.
  • Works with the latest technology. Your production team should set the stage by providing the right audio, lighting, video projection, custom fabrications and virtual offerings. The producers must be on point to successfully handle venue selection, event content, production schedules and all other technical details.
  • Provides rich, powerful presentations. To make the event memorable, corporate event production teams should find ways to engage participants and improve the retention of key messages. Whether it’s through team building exercises, interactive iPad polling or business theater, getting your attendees involved will result in higher engagement and a more effective presentation.
  • Prepares for challenges. Event planners often face issues or unexpected problems. At an off-site location, it may be difficult to avoid these. Your production team needs to be ready to think creatively and work with the challenges that face them. They need to think outside of the box to come up with unique ways to solve problems. They need to adapt their methods to fit the meeting venue and be prepared to make changes.
  • Understands the need for globalized communication. In an increasingly globalized environment, event and media teams need to have multi-lingual staff to communicate effectively with their clients. This will allow for open communication, alleviate misunderstandings, and enable transitions to different locations for events taking place across the world.
  • Demonstrates creative thinking and problem solving. This is the most important factor for event production teams. As mentioned earlier, creative thinking and creative problem solving are critical when challenges occur. Just as importantly, they will also result in a customized event that is unique and different from other meetings. Unique ideas enable you as a meeting planner to provide an experience that is customized to your attendees and that will produce effective, memorable results.

Our Q Creative team, a full-service events production team, has traveled the globe, providing corporate event production services in more than 20 countries. Q Creative takes our on-site expertise and applies it to off-site events to create a unique, customized experience.

For example, when a company was focusing on the topic of unconscious bias, it brought in Q Creative to develop entertaining and interactive methods for engaging the participants to share, listen, and collaborate. Q Creative suggested a musical approach as we’ve found that people often communicate better through lyrics. The 125 attendees were split up into groups and were given the task of creating a song about their company. The group members joined together to think of ideas to better their company and then turned the ideas into song lyrics. The songs were performed in front of the whole group.

The company’s leadership transformed the ideas shared during the session into a strategic improvement plan. Within one year, many of the goals they set as a result of this activity were achieved. This experience offered employees a way to express themselves through an engaging and different presentation. The event was entertaining, memorable and exciting for the attendees, and produced transformative business results.

With a professional, creative and driven staff, our events and media team offers experience, trust and flexibility, enabling you to bring the Q experience with you wherever you go!





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