Drive Engagement with Powerful Presentations

Imagine a world where technology can help to produce a creative and engaging learning environment in which presentations go beyond the use of sight and sound. Envision a presentation so finely tuned that the presenter never even stops to press a button, but navigates through slides, videos and live conversations just by the movement of his hands. In this meeting, the presenter provides the audience with iPads to view demo videos, audio files, web meetings, and more, so that the audience doesn’t just hear the information, but experiences it in real time.

It sounds like a stretch… but is it really?

This is a true story and is just one example of the creative corporate event planning that happens at Q Center on a regular basis. Q Creative teamed together with our client to create over twenty-eight media modules to use in four, twenty-minute segments over the course of the four day meeting. These were all accessible through a virtual Microsoft Kinect “dashboard” that allowed the audience to experience what the presenter’s technology lab could offer in a dynamic, innovative way.

Through advanced technology and some good old-fashioned creativity, our Q Creative team provides clients with the opportunity to inspire and dazzle their audiences with graphics, videos, live web chats, and Microsoft Kinect’s motion sensing dashboards.

You don’t need motion-sensing technology to wow, but it sure does help. Our expert team recommends the following practices for taking your next meeting to a new level:

  • Say goodbye to bullet points – incorporate more visuals and rely on less text
  • Create an immersive experience for your audience with creative scenic, lighting, and projection support
  • Enable real-time feedback and competitive games with a wireless interactive voting system
  • Break up your presentation into 10 minute segments so you don’t exceed the average person’s attention span
  • Skip the note-taking and let attendees view a recording of your presenters on their mobile device with synchronized PowerPoint slides, video clips, transcripts and supporting documentation

Q Creative is a strong believer in encouraging presenters to go out on a limb a little for their audiences.  Being creative differentiates a presentation from the pack of other PowerPoints in a meeting. It requires some extra planning and coordination time, but is always worth it when the message is well-received.




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