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  • SWAG: What do your guests want?

    Goodie bags. Branded premiums. Giveaways. SWAG (Stuff We All Get). Whatever your attendees call it, it’s important for you as a meeting planner to understand their take on it. As with so many things in life (and business), opinions vary. Everyone loves getting free stuff, right? Except when they don’t. Not everyone wants to carry around a bag…   Read More >

  • How to Use Events to (Professionally) Cut Loose

    “Laughter is the best medicine.” The old adage is true, and science backs it up. Creating situations that foster fun can boost your team’s morale, build relationships, reduce stress, and support cooperation to achieve common goals. So how do you do it? That’s what we’ve written about in a post at   Read More >

  • Doing Good is Good for Business

    As global issues grow, so does the importance of corporate social responsibility, also known as CSR. Our society values organizations with responsible, sustainable, and ethical approaches, especially at meetings and events. CSR doesn’t have to be a big action, though. There are lots of little things organizations can do to improve their current…   Read More >

  • How to do post-event surveys right

    The best meeting planners find ways to improve their next event at the end of their current one. A key method to do this is by asking the attendees how it went. Sounds easy right? It isn’t. It doesn’t matter whether the meeting had ten attendees or a thousand – everyone is busy, and surveys sound like extra work.  So give them a reason to…   Read More >

  • Bringing Local Flair to Your Meetings and Events

      More and more in today’s world, attendees favor meetings and training sessions in fun, exotic locations – places that facilitate learning during the day and vacationing at night. But what if the budget isn’t big enough for a trip to someplace like Hawaii this year? How do you offer your participants a fun and exciting meeting experience…   Read More >

  • How to Put Some Variety Into Your Meeting or Event

    The average attention span isn’t long. Some estimates put it at eight seconds; others say 40 minutes. No matter which is correct, the bottom line is simple: Keeping an audience engaged is paramount to your meeting’s success. So while you’re planning sessions and workshops, think about how to mix up the day.    Here are a few tips to get…   Read More >

  • Event Hashtags for #Eventprofs

    Have you gone to an event with its own hashtag? Did the excitement for the event continue online after it was over? Was it nice to have access to the ideas, content, and participants from the event? There are so many benefits to event hashtags today, including those listed above, but there is also a lot of uncertainty about them. How do you make…   Read More >

  • How to incorporate healthy movement into the workday

    By many estimates, full time workers will end up spending over 90,000 hours on the clock during their careers. For many – especially office workers – this makes for a lot of sitting, which scientists and doctors from many disciplines have found to be terrible for your health, leading to decreased circulation, weight gain, and stress.…   Read More >

  • Q Center's new composting partnernship

    Q Center is committed to being “green” and protecting the environment. That’s exactly why we decided to start composting at the beginning of 2013. We’ve been good to the Earth and we’ve learned a lot about the benefits of composting over the last year and a half. Well… hard works pays off. Not only do we have beautiful gardens, but…   Read More >

  • Professional Development Outside

    Summer is upon us. Now that the frost is gone, you’re no longer limited to the office for professional development, meetings, and team building. Try getting the team outside. The change in scenery will help with morale and keep them enthusiastic. Try these activities:  Outdoor Skill Exchange – Have each member of the team share a skill that…   Read More >

  • How to build a great online reputation

    90% of consumers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews, so it’s imperative for businesses to build a positive, user-generated reputation. At Q Center, we have found that the absolute best way to keep your online reputation positive is to listen to the needs of our customers and deliver solutions, but there’s more to it…   Read More >

  • Team Building Insights from Q Center’s Michael Woods

    Michael Woods has helped our clients develop and execute team building activities for the last 14 years. According to Michael, both the quality and quantity of these events has grown during this period. So we asked Michael for his perspective on the industry, the activities, and what’s at the core of exceptional team building.   What’s your…   Read More >

  • Spring has Sprung at Q

    The flowers are blooming, the grass is green and lush, and people are spending more time outdoors. Spring has definitely arrived in full force at Q Center, and those winter blues are far behind us! From sports, to exploring, to relaxing, there is something for everyone to do at Q, especially when the spring brings such pleasant weather. Interested…   Read More >

  • Introducing the Council for Meetings and Professional Development

    Think about the last ten years in the professional development and meeting planning industries. While the internet, social media, countless apps, and technology advancements have touched every aspect of the greater business world, meetings and professional development have failed to effectively embrace many of these opportunities. Disciplines like…   Read More >

  • Simple Steps for your Next Green Event

    Greening your meeting can help both the planet and your bottom line. That’s why we recently wrote a post for that gave six simple steps to greener meetings that are efficient, cost-effective, and easier than you might expect. Read the post on    Read More >

  • The Ever Evolving Chief Learning Officer

    The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) found that U.S. organizations spent an average of $1,195 per employee for training in 2012, up from $504 per employee in 1998. More recent numbers have yet to be released, but the trend is leaning toward bigger budgets for more training. Additionally, the global e-learning market is expected…   Read More >

  • Best Apps for Meeting Planners

    If there’s one thing all meeting planners have in common, it’s that they’re always moving. This is why smart planners make the most of mobile apps to get their jobs done. Whether you need to promote your meeting, accept payments, or plan a conference call, you can do it all on the go.     Try these: Twitter – An oldie but a goodie.…   Read More >

  • A Healthy Little Competition with a BIG Impact: Q Center's Biggest Loser

    The third annual biggest loser competition is officially underway at Q Center. This year we have 27 contestants fighting for the title of Q Center’s biggest loser. We are currently in week four of the competition and so far our contestants have lost a combined total of 89.8 pounds! Wondering what this competition entails and how we go about…   Read More >

  • 5 Catering Trends that Make Meals Exciting

    Offsite meetings take attendees away from home and their favorite restaurants. Creating a great mealtime experience at your meeting will not only fill that void, but it will also grow a wave of enthusiasm that lasts throughout the whole meeting. So think about requesting some of these recent catering trends at your next meeting: A New Spin on the…   Read More >

  • Chocolate Cups with Berries and Whipped Cream

    Are you looking for the perfect dessert to make this Valentine’s Day? Something that is simple, pretty, and chocolaty? Look no further! The chefs at Q Center recommend their own Chocolate Cups with Berries and Whipped Cream to anyone in search of something impressive and delectable. Best part of the recipe: you don’t have to be an expert to…   Read More >

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