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  • Turkey Tips

    If you’ve hosted Thanksgiving before, you know that being tasked with cooking THE turkey can be stressful.  Not only is cooking it important, but carving the turkey is just as vital.  Have you ever found yourself struggling as you bang into that annoying wishbone when you’re carving the turkey?  Here’s a tip: take out the wishbone before…   Read More >

  • Q Center Kicks Off United Way Campaign

    On Thursday, October 13, we kicked off our annual United Way campaign with two events. Lunches for the Homeless This is the second year we have made lunches for the local homeless shelter, Lazarus House. Staff members contributed various lunch ingredients like bread, cheese and lunch meat.  On Thursday morning, several people teamed up to…   Read More >

  • Got MUCK?

    You know those milk commercials where famous people have a left-behind milk moustache? That moustache is the by-product of a natural process – drinking a great glass of milk a little too fast. A beautiful pond can have a similar by-product of its natural processes. All ponds – whether created by nature or by man – go through a natural life…   Read More >

The staff at Q Center helped to make this event productive, memorable and comfortable... Thanks very much for your efficiency and professionalism!

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