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How to build a great online reputation

90% of consumers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews, so it’s imperative for businesses to build a positive, user-generated reputation. At Q Center, we have found that the absolute best way to keep your online reputation positive is to listen to the needs of our customers and deliver solutions, but there’s more to it than that. 

Know who comments
It’s good to know exactly who will comment online. We work extensively with meeting planners and professional development people, but most of our comments are from those who attend their meetings. To capture good reviews from everyone, you need to provide a full-spectrum of customer service.

Know why they comment
Positive comments are harder to earn than negative ones. However, they come from the exact same place: unexpected experiences. So figure out how to create unexpected delights while avoiding unexpected disappointments. 

Fix your faults
It’s easy to dismiss a negative comment as an overreaction, but it’s better to think about how you can fix the problem. No business is without faults. The ones that build a great online reputation understand this. They view negative comments as opportunities to improve. And once you fix the problem, you’ll find future commenters contesting past negative comments, which shows an authentic improvement to those reading the reviews.

It worked for us
We’re proud to announce that this strategy helped us to earn a 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. 

While your business may not be reviewed on TripAdvisor, it probably is reviewed somewhere online. Our advice? Focus on making personal connections with your customers. Their thoughts, comments, and criticisms build your reputation online. When they like you, their kind words can bolster your business for years to come.

We have had immediate response to our needs. It has absolutely blown us away.

Marty Burbridge, Crescent Electric

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