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5 Common Meeting Speed Bumps and How to Manage Them

Every meeting is different, but the same problems seem to pop up time and time again. Fear not! There are quick fixes and ways to prevent these frustrating problems:

1. Attendees/presenters are late – Different people look to different places for information, so cover your communication bases. Be sure the start times are listed everywhere: email, online, paper agendas, entrances, exits and by food/snacks.

2. Tech issues – Even if you have a tech team, problems will inevitably arise. You’ll save time and reduce stress if you follow these steps:

Step 1: Test, test and test again with every device that will be used before the meeting begins.

Step 2: Learn the correct terminology. You’ll get blank stares if you ask for the projector connector thing-y instead of a VGA adaptor. 

3. Noisy neighbors – Meetings can have neighbors that don’t exactly keep to themselves. Prevent this problem during the planning stage by talking to the onsite staff about your privacy needs. If there is going to be a wedding next door, that’s something you need to know.

4. Not enough time and/or people to set up – There are a million ways time can be pinched at the last minute. A flight was delayed. Your signage was delivered late. The door to your room was locked.

Two things:

  • Be absolutely clear with the meeting venue about when your team needs to be let into the facility. Get multiple confirmations 
  • Get familiar with local temp agencies or sign up for TaskRabbit’s business platform just in case you need to call in some last minute help.

5. Your feet are on fire and make you hate every moment – Meetings should also be called standing marathons. Here’s the prescription to get you through the day:

  • Two Ibuprofen every four hours reduces foot swelling and pain.
  • Absolutely NO new shoes. Wear broken-in ones. Speaking of which…
  • Change your shoes 2-3 times per day. It reduces discomfort and the risk of blisters.
  • Sore feet at the end of the day? Run cold and/or hot water over your feet in the bathtub. Then rub refreshing peppermint foot cream in.
  • Use 2nd Skin instead of Band-Aids for blisters and irritated skin. They protect and heal your hot spots.

Follow these steps and your next meeting will be a much smoother ride.




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