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Adding Memorable Touches to your Event

I’ve seen hundreds of events over the years – good and bad, memorable and otherwise. So when I read this Maya Angelou quote, it resonated with me as both a meeting professional and a person.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

-       Maya Angelou

The right feeling lasts longer than any single speaker or session. Truly connecting with your audience will keep them coming back and telling their friends and coworkers about how your event can’t be missed.

Try these tips:

No Boring Signs

Every event needs signs: Reception to the left, Sessions to the right, Refreshments at 3 pm, etc. Necessary information must be conveyed, but it mustn’t necessarily be without character. Write them to match the theme of your meeting so attendees know that even the mundane details were crafted to fit your specific meeting.

[Insert the three photos in the work request with the following captions:

i: Signs with personality

ii: Signs branded perfectly

iii: Signs that have fun]

Use Easy Tech that Wows

At this point, nearly everyone has a smart phone. They’re easy to use and have tons of apps that can deepen the connection between your attendees and your meeting.

For instance, you could set simple polls with Polar, an iOS app. During sessions, have the presenters integrate polls into their session. The instant crowd reaction could drive deeper conversations about the subject matter – making your attendees feel part of the experience like never before.

Also try, mentimeter, and pollbob.

Bring on the Awards

Everybody likes winning something – EVERYBODY. A great way to cap off a meeting is with a round of awards. Some can be serious competition like Best Presentation. Others can be more fun like Best Dressed.

There’s more to it than fun titles and nice prizes. Even little awards show people that their effort and input was recognized and appreciated.

These are just three of the infinite ways to create a memorable meeting by making your attendees feel special. Each group is different, so craft each effort to be memorable to the company’s culture, experience, and taste.

Always remember Maya Angelou’s insight: “People will never forget how you made them feel.”

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