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5 Ways to Make Your Meetings More Fun This Summer

When people think about summer, their minds go straight to the beach, evening cocktails, and barbeques. Too often, these summer-lovers go to a meeting during the week and spend the whole time daydreaming about the weekend.

The best way to keep their attention is to fight summer with summer. Plan activities that capture the delightful weather, long days, and relaxing nature of the season.

Try these:

Build a Team – Get a bigger group together and play a team sport – basketball, soccer, or volleyball will break a sweat and get everyone working toward a simple and fun goal.

Turn Downtime into Uptime – Downtime so often becomes check-email-time. Meetings work best when the attendees are fully present, not checking in with the office at every chance. Get your group in a fitness class like yoga. Plan a game. Do anything to keep them active and social.

Fro-yo Social – Um, yum! Indulging in a little sugar therapy will get people talking… especially if you supply a ton of different toppings to get the creativity flowing.

Bridge the Generational Gap – Organize a golf tournament, a tennis match or a scavenger hunt and pair the older generation with the younger. It gets the sun on their face, keeps them active, and breaks established roles.

Get a Drink - After a day of games, interacting and frozen yogurt, who wouldn’t want a drink. Before long, a little social lubrication will get people breaking from their shells and trading stories of favorite bands, recipes, and escapades.

Your team will go home happy and tan. After all, what else could anyone want in summer?

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