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Game Shows in the House

Who can resist the drama of one hand behind your back and the other hovering above a buzzer just waiting to be smacked? The bells, the whistles, the “ZONK!” sound effect that comes up when the big red “X” indicates a wrong answer… it’s all so much more engaging than listening to a monotone presenter click through yet another PowerPoint slide.

Most corporate event participants are NOT your typical sit at home and watch GSN (Game Show Network) types! However, a little friendly competition is well-received when it’s offered in the middle of a training session or work-required event.

But how do you find the right game show for the right audience at the right time in the meeting? And what does the rest of the audience do while the select few play the game?

Our event and media production team, Q Creative, has a lot of experience customizing game shows to succeed with any audience.

For example, Q Creative adapted a popular one-player game, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and made it work for a plenary of two-hundred and fifty participants. Our “Power Play” allows two teams of eight players to represent different sides of the audience. Teams place their player in the power seat one at a time, just like the original show. However, when it comes time to ask a friend, Power Play allows the player to “poll the audience” using audience response keypads to let the other participants weigh in on the correct answer. This keeps the entire audience engaged and part of the action, even when they aren’t on stage. One participant liked this offering so much while playing it in St. Charles, she had us design a portable traveling version that she and her boss could tour with to teach their key content to their offices across Europe!

“Test Your Knowledge” was invented when one of our clients with not much budget but a lot of desire to make dry content interesting had us design a game around their complicated technical training. One talented graphic artist, some upbeat music tracks, and a great live announcer voice added to the mix, and we had another winner.

We also have a variety of game shows in house that are “ready to play.” Clients give us a set of questions, we plug them into our template, and voila, it’s a brand new game. One of them is a dead ringer for “Family Feud,” called “What’s Up with That?” The light-enhanced, retro-style set complete with stand-off podiums and gooseneck microphones make it a great team building, bonding experience with a lot of laughs.

We’re currently working on a “Q” version of “Minute to Win It” and a scavenger hunt, which debut in November 2011. We’ll let you know how they go!

Tell us your methods for jazzing up meetings with game shows by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear your ideas… and you might just win a prize if you write us. After all, what good is a game show without a prize at the end?




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