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How to incorporate healthy movement into the workday

By many estimates, full time workers will end up spending over 90,000 hours on the clock during their careers. For many – especially office workers – this makes for a lot of sitting, which scientists and doctors from many disciplines have found to be terrible for your health, leading to decreased circulation, weight gain, and stress.  

 So if you and your team want to stay healthy and productive, you have to find ways to incorporate movement throughout your day.

 Try these simple life hacks to get moving:

 Use small cups to drink lots of water – Many health experts recommend eight 8-ounce glasses per day. Eight ounces is about the size of a coffee cup, but many people fill up a huge glass to last the whole day. Nix that. A smaller cup will necessitate more trips, more movement, and a healthier day.

Use the “One Up. Two Down.” Elevator Rule – In offices with many floors, a lot of people get in the habit of always riding the elevator. But if you’re only going up one floor or down two, take the stairs. It won’t take much longer, and those steps add up.

Don’t sit through lunch – The midday break is a perfect time to recharge with a short walk. Spend half of your lunch walking, even if it’s just around the neighborhood. The movement will help you digest, which lessens food comas and increases your productivity. 

Get a standing desk – You don’t need to overhaul your workstation for this one. There are many different products that elevate your computer and keyboard easily. Once you have one, try to switch positions a few times per day. has a helpful guide that evaluates the pros and cons of several different models.

Rethink your afternoon pick-me-up – Some do a 3:00 pm coffee. Others grab a Diet Coke. But energy doesn’t have to come from caffeine. Instead do 5 minutes of stretches. This will increase circulation, reduce stress, improve posture, and decrease lower-back pain – all four increase energy. George Washington University has a helpful guide for office stretches.

No matter what you do, sitting all day simply isn’t natural. A little movement goes a long way to improve your wellness, happiness, and productivity.

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