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Summer is upon us. Now that the frost is gone, you’re no longer limited to the office for professional development, meetings, and team building. Try getting the team outside. The change in scenery will help with morale and keep them enthusiastic.

Try these activities:

 Outdoor Skill Exchange – Have each member of the team share a skill that they can do outside. It could be something as simple as spinning a basketball on their finger or doing a cartwheel. Once everyone shows their skill, have them teach everyone else. This will build communication, mutual respect, and camaraderie. 

Professional Scavenger Hunt – Everyone knows how to do a scavenger hunt. To make it a professional scavenger hunt, design the clues to relate to your industry. The team will learn while working together to solve a problem.

Outdoor Meetings – Because of laptops, tablets, and smart phones, meetings are too often interrupted by people checking their email when they should be participating. Disrupt this trend by taking a meeting off-campus. You might be surprised how much gets done.

Go Sporty – Joining a recreational league – no matter what the sport – brings a company together for more than just work. Each week, there’s something to look forward to, rally around, and celebrate. It builds teamwork, reduces stress, and helps keep everyone healthy. 

Volunteer – No matter where you are, there are opportunities to volunteer in the great outdoors. Whether your team repairs hiking trails, walks dogs from a shelter, or plants a community garden, the shared experience will bring your team closer together. 

Be sure to get a feel for what type of activity best suits your team before embarking. Some groups may be more amenable to relaxing experiences while others might prefer getting their heart rates up. But either way, making the day full of fun and fresh air can really liven up the group.

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