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Team Building Insights from Q Center’s Michael Woods

Michael Woods has helped our clients develop and execute team building activities for the last 14 years. According to Michael, both the quality and quantity of these events has grown during this period. So we asked Michael for his perspective on the industry, the activities, and what’s at the core of exceptional team building.
  1. What’s your favorite teambuilding activity? Why?
    I enjoy Construct-a-Bike because of its philanthropic dimension. During this event, participants work in teams to build bikes that are donated to a local charity.

    View our Team Building Guide for more information on this event. 

  2. In what ways do you think team building helps employees?
    Team building gives people a chance to interact and build camaraderie and relationships in a nonthreatening atmosphere. This ultimately impacts the way they work together. It also fosters innovation and creativity.

  3. What are some major changes you’ve seen in team building in your 14 years working at Q Center?
    I think companies value the relationships built through shared experiences. I’ve also noticed that more people are combining team building with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, which ends up creating a really fun event.

  4. What advice can you give people who are interested in incorporating team building into their training program or meeting?
    Think about what you want participants to take away from the event and make sure it is clearly defined before and after the event. Also, work with your team building consultant to come up with ideas for making your event even more memorable.

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