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5 Ways to Help Young Professionals Excel During Corporate Training

Corporate training is essential to developing a young, productive and vibrant staff. But to teach them the tricks of the trade, you need to know how they learn and what motivates them.


  1. Don’t give them the answer. Teach them how to find it. Young execs have grown up in an ever-changing world, so they aren’t accustomed to set-in-stone standards. They want to know how to adjust to change.
  2. Release the WiFi. Don’t worry about WiFi being a distraction. Those who are used to the always-connected world will become even more distracted without a connection.
  3. Forget the large seminar. Get them in a small group. Learning from each other is a huge part of young exec development. They’ll talk, share, and learn about a subject collectively without the rigid structure that so much training relies on.
  4. Build their network. A generation raised on friending, following, and linking finds strength and support in their network. Connections made at the training session will bloom for years.
  5. Work, then play. Extending on the networking point, young executives want a relationship with their peers outside of quarterly reports and strategy sessions. Kicking back together after a day of learning builds their camaraderie and devotion to each other’s success.


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