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5 Reasons Companies Use Off-Site Training

“If employers want engagement and commitment, they must put money into training,” says Kristen Fyfe, a spokesperson for the American Society of Training & Development, in this Fortune article. Industry leaders create “a culture of learning” at their organization, which enables them to attract the best employees, she adds.

Offsite TrainingEvery organization understands the value of corporate learning and training. It helps build loyalty; increase efficiencies; and for some, is downright mandatory to stay in business.

Some companies train in-house—using boardrooms, break rooms and offices to train and educate employees. Others use virtual training—webinars or teleconferences. But some of the world’s most successful companies use off-site training and education—like McDonald’s and their Hamburger University, and Sprint’s University of Excellence. So why do these companies believe that off-site corporate education is a better investment?

  1. Eliminating Distractions. Unscheduled meetings, emails, phone calls, and even too-familiar surroundings can all be distractions. Getting employees out of their comfort zones, and into a new, energizing environment brings focus to the tasks at hand and can result in a more engrossing, educational experience.
  2. Space. Whether a large amphitheater, a sprawling outdoor environment, or just a clean, comfortable area built specifically for learning, the right space offers room to “breathe.” Ideas flow freely and attendees feel more relaxed.
  3. Amenities. Dedicated educational facilities offer the right technology for training, and dedicated staff to make sure meetings run smoothly. Some conference centers will also offer dining options, overnight capabilities, and creature comforts to maximize the impact and efficiency of the stay.
  4. Privacy. Perhaps training on sensitive material, or brainstorming industry-changing ideas, many companies want the advantage of isolation to ensure no ideas are lost or innovations compromised.
  5. Fun. Happy employees are productive employees. So many businesses interject a little fun into their training. And that’s hard to do “at work.”

Whether your business is looking for a more focused learning environment, or to shake up the routine to stay sharp, off-site corporate training and education can be a sound investment for any business, large or small. Because when it comes to truly progressive education, what we ultimately seek is behavior change. And sometimes the best way to accomplish this is to break out of the day-to-day routines and environments we come to rely on.




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