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Presenting? Don't leave home without reading this...

If you're like most people, public speaking is one of the most stressful experiences you can imagine. The last thing you need is for some technical glitch to force you to entertain your audience by making shadow puppets on the projection screen!

Before you leave your desk with your presentation, take a look at these tips. One of them just may be the difference between resounding success and epic fail.  

  • Save a copy of your presentation to a thumb drive in case you have issues with your laptop or tablet and have to get a replacement.
  • Save a copy of your presentation to an external email account that you can reach while you're at the presentation venue. If your thumb drive goes missing or your computer fails, you’ll still have a backup.
  • Load external files to the thumb drive or attach them to the email. Be aware that if you copy or play a presentation on a different machine (using your thumb drive or downloading from an email), errors can occur if you had links to files on the original machine.
  • Disconnect your device from any type of network connection, then step through all of your slides. Be sure to launch any videos or links to confirm that they still work.  Errors can occur if links point to files on your office network.
  • Try all the slides, including links and videos, with your wireless connection turned off. If you aren’t sure you’ll have access to Internet in the presentation room have a backup strategy for any Internet content.  Even if the venue provides wi-fi access, your signal may be weak or non-existent.
  • Save video clips on the device or thumb drive you're bringing to the presentation. If you run video directly off of an Internet site like YouTube, you may experience slow buffering and download speeds on a wi-fi connection.
  • Make sure all your audio and video clips play a the same volume level. If you are unable to find files with similar recorded volume levels, see if you can schedule a break between the slides with sound. That way you can get the volume just right and not worry about doing it on the fly during the presentation.
  • Something NEW:   Design your presentations for wide-screen HD format with a 16x9 aspect ratio. You will find more wide-screen projectors and screens at conferences these days. All Q Center projectors are wide-screen enabled.  We often coach presenters on ways to optimize their presentations for this format.

What do you do to get ready for your big presentations? Speak your mind. Leave a comment and let us know...




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