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Blurring the lines between video and computer images…

Do you ever wonder how event producers can switch so quickly from one video feed to another? So many types of video signals in all different formats and resolutions… and many times it’s all done live, on the fly. It seems like you’d need some pretty slick gear to pull it off.

You do… and it keeps getting better.

One of the most important tools in an event producer’s bag of tricks is the video switcher. A video switcher is a device used to “switch” between several video sources.

Back in the day, there were two types of video switchers:  one that switched traditional video signals like cameras and playback devices, and another that switched high res computer graphic sources.    It took stacks of converter boxes, piles of cable and a significant amount of setup time to arrive at a decent looking projected image. 

However, with the development of high definition video, which has similar resolutions to computer graphics sources, the lines between video and computer graphics have become blurred.  And with that development, a new breed of switchers has arrived that allows both to seamlessly work together in one box.

Q Creative, Q Center’s events and media team, recently purchased a Panasonic AV-HS450 video switcher. We love it! It allows for fast and easy setup of any type of video device.  And because it has built-in scaling technology, it will also upscale video signals to the highest resolution possible. So the days of stacked converter boxes are gone.

The new gear in action...

A client recently came to Q Creative looking for a cost-effective, yet flexible event production package. The package required a three-screen HD switch, with video sent to multiple locations around the room and enough inputs to handle twelve sources of various resolutions and standard definition recording. 

With our new AV-HS450, we were able to accomplish what would have required four switchers and a rack full of scalers. And we did it with a smaller crew and significantly less setup time. Not bad! We’re loving this new addition to our bag of tricks.

What event technology have you come across that makes your production a bit easier to manage? Leave a comment and let us know!




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