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  • Continuing to Kick Our Bottled Water Addiction

    Filtered water for meetings In our last post we talked about the impact bottled water has on Americans’ carbon footprint. We also offered a short case study on what we did at Q Center to try and minimize the use of bottled water at meetings held here. By installing a building-wide water filtration system, we were able to provide a comparable…   Read More >

  • Kicking Our Bottled Water Addiction

    Avoiding the space between the rock and the hard spot Green meetings – everyone’s for them, right? We’re all trying to do what we can to minimize our carbon footprint. But what about that nasty bottled water habit?  Americans’ use of water bottles is estimated at over 60 million bottles EVERY DAY. And it takes about 20 million barrels of…   Read More >

  • Evolution of Conference Center Dining

    Forget about that college dining hall. There was a time when conference center dining was a slightly more sophisticated version of the cafeteria at your college dorm. Both were focused on feeding hundreds of people in a short period of time so they can get back to class or their meeting. Quality was usually second to quantity. If your perception…   Read More >

  • With IT and A/V, you have to know more than your ABCs.

    Avoid the epic fail  If you’ve been in the meetings business as long as many of us at Q Center have, you remember the days when A/V consisted of 35mm slide shows and overhead transparencies. Technology glitches were limited to burned-out projector bulbs and slide trays that wouldn’t advance.  Meetings in the 21st century are…   Read More >

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