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Having a Holiday Party?

Why not give it some personality with some themed decorations!

The Holiday Season is rapidly approaching and sooner or later we will all be hosting a Holiday Party.  A great way to make the party unforgettable is to decorate it with a unique theme.  Simple items that you can find in your own home, your own backyard, or at a flea market can really help make the theme come to life. 

Here are some of our theme ideas...

Winter Wonderland:  Whites highlight this theme.

  • Snip twigs from your very own backyard  (all trees can use a little pruning) and spray-paint them white or silver to add an elegant touch. Place them in glass or white vessels at your entrance to set the tone.
  • Cover your tables in white linens, and add touches of silver to make it shine-- silver vases or silver pieces filled with the white or silver twigs or even white feathers will help bring the theme to life.
  • Napkins can be tied with silver-star garland to add an extra sparkle.
  • White silky linens from your local fabric store can be scrunched up on tabletops in your home, and small tealight candles can be tucked into them to make the fabric shimmer.  Tuck-in tealight candles to make the fabric shimmer. Glass mirrors or clear glass blocks can be used atop your buffets for elevations.

Natural Woodlands:  This theme will give you a rustic and earthy feel. 

  • Decorate your entrance way (inside and outside) with vases or terra cotta pots filled with freshly cut boughs from your backyard or local green house.
  • Fill bowls, baskets, and vases with fresh cranberries and pinecones, and place them throughout your home.
  • For the centerpiece, place twigs in glass vases or purchase small Norfolk pines (6” pots or smaller) and wrap the pots in burlap and tie with a simple ribbon of raffia.
  • Napkins can be tied with faux leather lacing and a small evergreen twig.
  • To add a little color here and there, purchase small decorative cardinals and place them on the boughs, atop the pine cones or on the twig centerpieces.  These little spots of red color will add a great dimension and help bring the outdoors in.

Blue EleganceThe silver and blue in this theme are great together and help the season feel ‘cool’.

  • Simple linens from the fabric store come in all shades of blue and elegant whites-- the silky/satin type are the best.  Blue vases (or save your blue water bottles) filled with pussy-willows add a soft touch. 
  • Your table can be dressed in either blue or silver and as a centerpiece, fill silver or clear bowls with an assortment silver or blue holiday balls of different sizes. Napkins can we tied with elegant ribbon to add the final touch.
  • Fill extra wine glasses halfway with glass marbles and set a small tealight inside. The marbles will twinkle with soft light and candlelight adds a warm touch.

These simple accents can make your event something special. Whether you add just a couple of touches to your table or go all-out and theme your entire home, your event will be one your guests will remember.




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