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Meetings Tech Tip - September 2011

It's your job to keep meeting costs in check, right? And your IT department just got a great portable LCD projector for the sales team to use on the road. So why not take that LCD to your next meeting and reduce your hotel A/V charges?

The answer is: It depends. A projector that's perfect in a conference room might not fare as well at your meeting.

Here are some questions to consider before deciding to use your own projector:

  • How bright is bright enough? Having a bright, clear image makes it easier for everyone to see the content on the screen. It also makes it easier to hold the group's attention. If you have to dim the lights for attendees to see the images clearly, it makes it note-taking difficult. Worse yet, it makes it easier for attendees to doze off! The brightness and clarity of the image are directly related to the quality of the projector, lens and bulb. We recommend a XGA LCD digital projector with a minimum brightness of 3500 ANSI lumens for normally lit meeting rooms with windows.
  • Does your projector have intuitive controls for adjusting lens zoom, focus, shift and keystone? Some of the more affortable projectors aren't equipped with user-friendly controls for image adjustments. As a result, you and your presenters my not be able to figure out how to optimize the projector setup once you're in the meeting room. If you bring your own projector, most properties will not provide tech support to help you get it right. So, get a lesson on making image adjustments before you leave the office. 
  • How much "throw" is required for the screen size? Simply put, how far from the screen will the projector need to be to make the image to fill the screen? In some cases, the room layout or the size of the room won't enable you to place the projector far enough away. There are short-throw projectors on the market. However we have found that most short-throw projectors aren't bright enough to be used in meeting rooms with windows.

Our experienced Q Center tech team spends a great deal of time researching new projectors before making a purchase. Because we have 118 meeting rooms in a variety of sizes, we can't take a one-size-fits-all approach. In addition to the considerations mentioned above, we're looking for the perfect balance of price and performance.  If you book a meeting at Q, consider using our in-house projectors. You'll notice the difference in image quality and performance that our gear brings to the (projector) table.

Have you been carrying your own A/V around? Is it worth the money you save? Leave a comment and speak your mind!




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