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Culinary Corner - May 2011

Perfecting puff pastry

Pâte à choux, or puff pastry, is a relatively simple and extremely versatile pastry used in many elegant desserts. Think profiteroles, éclaires, gougères and cream puffs.  The goal in preparing pâte à choux is a perfectly golden-brown, crispy crust and a light, fluffy inside. The high moisture content of the dough creates steam during cooking, causing the pastry to puff up. Once baked, the pastries are often sliced open and filled with Crème Chantilly, mousse or savory items like mushroom stew or a mixture of vegetables.

Our Executive Chef, François Sanchez, is sharing his recipe for perfect pâte à choux in today's blog. In addition to the recipe, the document below includes instructions for creating an elegant whipped-cream filled swan from the pastry.

Click here to download the recipe.

And, as an added bonus, we've uploaded a video of Chef Sanchez preparing a savory appetizer and fresh berry dessert from folded puff pastry.

Click here to view the video on our YouTube channel.




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