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Meetings Tech Tip - May 2011

A/V issues and Windows® 7 

Have you noticed that you're experiencing more problems than before with devices attached to your laptop computer with USB cables? Is the equipment locking up or becoming unresponsive over the course of a day? 

More businesses are using Windows® 7 on their laptops these days.  Our tech team started noticing a corresponding increase in the number of calls for assistance with locked-up projectors and other audio/visual equipment connected to guests' laptops via USB.

“It appears that in many cases, older USB devices that worked fine with Windows® XP, work inconsistently or not at all with Windows® 7," notes Brian Mann, Director of Technology for Q Center. "Most of the time we can eliminate the problem by disabling the USB selective suspend setting.  

Follow these steps to disable the setting:

  • Go to the Control Panel in the Windows menu.
  • Select Power Options.
  • This Power Options dialog will appear.
  • Click the box next to USB selective suspend setting.
  • Use the drop down box to disable the setting for the type of power you are using.

Are you noticing any other A/V problems as you implement Windows® 7? What solutions have you found? Leave a comment and let us know.




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