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Event Hashtags for #Eventprofs

Have you gone to an event with its own hashtag? Did the excitement for the event continue online after it was over? Was it nice to have access to the ideas, content, and participants from the event?

There are so many benefits to event hashtags today, including those listed above, but there is also a lot of uncertainty about them. How do you make one? What if it isn’t used? Why should you waste time on this when there are a million other things to do? While all of these questions justifiably go through an event planner’s mind, social media has become king. Creating an event hashtag is a good way to stay up with the times and keep the conversation going.

Here is our take on who, what, when, where, why and how you should create and use an event hashtag at your next event!


Event attendees, planners, facilitators, third-parties, etcetera should all use the event hashtag. This is a great way to network and connect with people from different backgrounds. Everyone benefits from hashtags at events.


Include the hashtag with your tweets to tell a story, to get people talking, to create buzz, and to provide important feedback and comments in real time.


Use the event hashtag throughout the course of the event – during lectures, presentations, team building events and group dinners. You can also create an event contest and start tweet chats with the hashtag. The tweeting doesn’t have to stop after the event is over. Keep the fun and ideas going with the hashtag long after the event.


Promote your hashtag before, during and after the event. Include the hashtag on pamphlets, signs, emails, registration forms, and all other forms of collateral. If the event has special social media pages, be sure to include the hashtag on there as well. 


The answer to this question is easy - hashtags build community faster. They are also a great way to collect feedback and quickly update attendees about changes. Why not have one when you can get all of these things and so much more?


Come up with a new hashtag that is unique and descriptive of your event. Hashtags shouldn’t be too long. Remember, 140 characters isn’t a lot. Promote the hashtag on your collateral and let the conversation begin!

Don’t fear an event hashtag #eventprofs, embrace it. #ilovehashtags #keepthatconversationgoing





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