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A Healthy Little Competition with a BIG Impact: Q Center's Biggest Loser

The third annual biggest loser competition is officially underway at Q Center. This year we have 27 contestants fighting for the title of Q Center’s biggest loser. We are currently in week four of the competition and so far our contestants have lost a combined total of 89.8 pounds! Wondering what this competition entails and how we go about selecting Q Center’s biggest loser? Here is the scoop!

Competition Guidelines

At the start of the competition, each contestant creates a fake identity that is used to classify his/her weight. Contestants weigh in weekly and a result sheet is distributed to participants after the weekly weigh in. This sheet lists the fake identities and the percentage of body weight lost for each contestant.  Weekly drawings keep participants motivated throughout the three month period. Contestants who weigh in every week receive an entry for the weekly prize. Contestants who weigh in and complete the wellness related challenge for the week are given two entries for the drawing. Wellness challenges range from keeping food diaries to exercising to monitoring blood pressure.

Participants record their weight, progress, and weekly challenge updates in a book they are given at the start of the competition. The book also includes weight loss and lifestyle tips in addition to a few healthy recipes. At the end of the twelve week period, the person who loses the largest portion of their initial body weight is deemed Q Center’s biggest loser and is rewarded with an American Express gift card. Isn’t all of this cool?

The BIG Outcome

The biggest loser competition has been a life changing experience for some of our contestants in the past. It has motivated them to lose a few extra pounds and maintain a healthier lifestyle. The competition holds people accountable, it teaches healthy habits, and it is a fun thing to do with members of Q Center’s team. We wish the best to all of our participants competing this year. We are rooting for all of you!

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Debbie Mack, Pivot Point International, Inc.

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