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How LinkedIn can make your meetings more successful

LinkedIn is more than just a social network for connecting with colleagues and finding a job. It’s an indispensible tool that can help you plan, promote and improve your meetings. Learning the ins and outs of the network can save you a lot of time and stress.

Here’s how:

Get speakers

Speakers rely on their professional connections to get jobs, so reach out to them. Introduce yourself, describe your meeting, and ask if they think their area of expertise might be a good fit. Before long, you’ll have them pitching their presentations to you.

Promote the meeting

You can promote meetings with either LinkedIn ads or by creating content that inspires sharing. The content could be blog posts, videos, or even short questions – anything that people would want to share! Then find groups that would find your content interesting. Many are open to join, but others need the approval of an administrator. While this may seem like an unfortunate gatekeeper, if they like your content and add you to the group, the members will respect you, your content, and your meeting more.

Start the discussion

Online discussion groups on LinkedIn help promote meetings and build excitement. A simple discussion group with a few prompts will lead to quicker and more effective participation when the meeting actually starts. The simpler the prompts are, the more responses you’ll get, so keep them short. For instance: One thing I do to communicate better is…; Before a client call, I always…; My favorite website to learn about the industry is…. 

Build engagement

LinkedIn recently added a function where users can quickly affirm a colleague’s skills by endorsing them. By now, many people have a variety of endorsements, each with a varying number of endorsers. This gives you deep insights into the verified expertise of your attendees. Use that information to craft the content into an experience that will get them excited to share their perspective and thoughts.

LinkedIn is a treasure trove of information, insights, and promotion opportunities. Using this information to improve content, attendance and excitement will help make your meeting a can’t-miss event. So be sure you have a LinkedIn social strategy from the very beginning of your planning stages.



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