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Meet Our Advisory Board

Q Center prides itself on creating a learning and team building environment that uses the latest techniques to maximize the effectiveness of meetings. The last few difficult economic years have brought a lot of changes to meetings and corporate training as budgets tightened and staffs had to become more efficient. In addition, technology has grown exponentially – turning industry standards on their heads.

To stay on the cutting edge, we created an advisory board with some of the smartest minds in the business – from learning experts to meeting planners to professional development pros.

And we’d like to introduce just a few of our advisory board members to you today…


Our Learning Experts:

Dr. David Shaffer is an expert in using games to train and screen peoples’ talents. Since attending graduate school at MIT’s Media Laboratory, he has pursued his passion for bringing real life situations into educational and professional education. He brings his talent for implementing methods that reflect today’s modern and rapidly changing professional landscape.

Judy Coates is the Manager of Learning and Organizational Development at the College of DuPage. There, she manages the creation of curriculum, strategic planning and organization. 

Raymond Truitt came from higher education into the private sector after exploring the growing field of instructional design. He has spent much of his career focusing on blended learning, which keeps the purpose of every learning session top-of-mind throughout. He currently works for Ellipsis Design Group.


Our Meeting Planning Advisors:

Junior Tauvaa is the Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships Meeting Professionals International. A lot of his work there has centered on efficient and productive relationships between suppliers like Q Center and buyers, like meeting planners.

Felix Niespodziewanski is the Director of Conventions and Meetings at the American College of Surgeons.  He has also worked for the American Hospital Association and American Medical Association. Technology and medical policies have evolved quite a bit over the course of Felix’s career, making conventions and meetings crucial to the growth of his industry.

Mark Thorsby is Vice President of Consulting Services at SmithBucklin. Over his years working with different organizations, he’s come to learn that meetings are a key component in success driving the content, the brand and the messaging. 


Our Professional Development Advisors:

Beth Truett has been bringing Oral Health America, the organization for which she is President & CEO, to Q Center for a few years. She holds inter-professional conferences with dentists, hygienists, and social workers. As a client, she brings a unique perspective to advising Q Center particularly about how attendees can focus by being isolated from distractions.

J. Anderson works as a director at a large international consulting firm. She has been consulting since the early 80’s and realized early on that training was really lacking, so she established a training program. Decades later, she has continued to develop effective training solutions.

Check back on Q Center’s blog to see tips, recommendations and industry developments from this insightful group.




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