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Themes That Thrive

Now that you’ve been assigned the task of planning your company event, you need to choose the perfect theme.  How do you decide on the perfect theme?  It’s all about your attendees.   Your décor, music, entertainment, and food and beverage, should all encompass this theme and not clash with it.    As you are brainstorming ideas, ask yourself the following questions to see if your theme will truly be a good fit. 


  • Do you want your attendees to notice the décor or do you want it to be more subtle?
  • Will the décor look out of place with your group’s attire?                                                
  • Is the event taking place during the day or at night?
  • Will the décor look too childish for the age of your audience?
  • How much time will be available to decorate before the event?


  • Do you want a full sit down meal or something quick and light?
  • Are a majority of your attendees health conscious?
  • Are there any religious preferences that you need to keep in mind?
  • Will the types of food and drink served fit with the season outside?




  • Is the purpose of the event celebratory or serious?
  • Will the attendees appreciate classical or upbeat music more?


  • Does the entertainment need to appeal to both men and women?
  • Will there be children in attendance?
  • Is the group made up of new team members or have they known each other for years?
  • Will the audience want to have passive or active involvement in the entertainment?

These are good questions to help you determine a great theme.  Here at Q Center, our Catering Team has pre-designed themes or we can use your answers to these questions and more to help come up with a solid theme, just like any other good venue would do.

Speaking of decorating for your event, the amount of time you have for setting up really does make a difference.  Click here to check out a 30 second video of our team in action turning around a room.




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